Clay Hutson

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Clay Hutson of Nashville, Tennessee is a business leader and entrepreneur.

Clay owns his own construction business, and he primarily focuses on building homes. Clay initially began this business as a side hustle that he could take on when his primary job was light. However, in 2020, Clay began to ramp up his efforts and begin construction full-time.

Clay’s work in the construction industry stemmed from his interest in flipping houses. He spent years sourcing houses and giving them the TLC they needed to be move-in ready. He found a lot of joy from renovating old structures, taking a formerly beautiful home and restoring it to its original beauty, with some modern touches added in.

Clay Hutson’s motto for leadership is to never give someone a job that you would not do yourself. In the construction industry, it is common for leaders to pitch in, with the mindset of there being no dirty jobs. Clay consistently works on tough tasks, and he does not shy away from using a little elbow grease to get a job done. Clay believes that leading by example is important to establishing good morale among his team, but it also helps that he enjoys the hard work that goes into building or renovating a property.

Although Clay Hutson likes to involve himself in the hands-on work of a construction job, he does not operate as a micromanager. Clay has seen success in selecting great people for his team and then trusting them to do their jobs well. He has experienced how much better a team runs when experienced professionals are brought in and left to complete their work, rather than having to consistently supervise people who are not as equally skilled. While Clay does not micromanage, he is always there for his team, should they need him, as he is often the first one to a site in the morning and the last one to leave.

Clay Hutson hopes that by sharing his experiences of entrepreneurship, leadership, management, and business, he can instill a sense of security in other leaders who choose to follow the same methods he has. Clay has not become successful simply due to luck; he has carefully considered how his actions impact his team and his business. In the future, Clay hopes to inspire other managers, business owners, and leaders to treat their teams with the same respect and trust, ultimately leading to their own successful operations.