If you’re nowhere near your projected business goals, you might have some habits you need to shake off. Are you standing in the way of your business’ success?

Usually, you’re either doing too little of something or doing too much of something.


Habits You Might be Overdoing


Promising more than delivering

Be it with clients or with employers, or even investors, losing support might mean you’re not living up to your promises. When starting a business, pushing the value proposition and all those sell points are critical. However, the rest of the journey lies in delivering.


Focusing on one thing

Honing in on a specific area or project in the mass network of your business will do more harm than good. Managing a company requires balance. Every time you say “yes” to one thing, you are saying “No” to another thing – like an opportunity.


Doing too many things at once

We can’t all be Leonardo Davinci. Trying to focus on multiple things at once will spread you too thin, leading to minimal progress across a lot of projects or tasks. Instead, every month, set a priority level for everything on your agenda. Focus on the top 3-4 projects.


Habits You’re Not Doing Enough



Some responsibilities and tasks, while not an issue, in the beginning, might, later on, take up more time than necessary. As a business grows, your responsibilities grow, and you start to take on higher-stakes projects. So all other little tedious tasks are now filling up precious time and energy. Learn to assess what responsibilities are more draining than they are worth, and outsource them to employees, team members, or independent contractors.



A business cannot scale without taking some risk. After all, the greater the risk, the greater the potential reward. The markets are changing rapidly. Businesses must evolve with the ebb and flow, even if it means straying from that which has always worked.


Establishing a scalable process

Startups don’t like rules. Today, more new businesses are past the authoritative, strict policies of traditional corporate life. To keep up with demand, a business will eventually have to establish a set of rules, a systematic process, or a workflow. Whether you do this by renovating company policies or introducing software, it is necessary to create more efficient work. The sooner a business can do so, the better.


Remember, the key to success in any area of life is to be strategic.

Always get out of the details, focus on the broader picture, and make tactical decisions that might seem unhelpful or unnecessary at the moment, but will be worth it down the line.